National Disaster Management Framework (3.24MB)

Pakistan Flood 2010 - Learning from Experience (6.72MB)

Pakistan Floods Disaster 2010 Early Recovery Report (2.43MB)

National Disaster Response Plan (NDRP) Mar-2010 (1.5MB)

National Disaster Management Act (36MB)

NDMA Experience, 8 October 2005 Earthquake (10.6MB)

Proposal for Risk Reduction Interventions in Balochistan Earthquake (9.1MB)

NDMA Reports

NDMA Annual Report 2011 (26MB)

NDMA Annual Report 2010 (19.3MB)

NDMA Annual Report 2009 (1.21MB)

NDMA Annual Report 2007 & 2008 (6.321MB)

NDMA Newsletters

NDMA Newsletter Oct-Dec 2012 (15 MB)

NDMA Newsletter Jan-Mar 2011 (9.6MB)

NDMA Newsletter May-Dec 2010 (3.8MB)

NDMA Newsletter Feb-Apr 2010 (2.5MB)

NDMA Newsletter Jan 2010 (15MB)

Technical Studies / Reports on Attabad-Hunza Landslide

Hunza-Dam Break Study by NESPAK (16.1MB)

Report by Mr. Allessandro Palmeiri, Lead Dam Specialist of World Bank (5.45MB)

Report by Proff. Dr. David N. Petley on Hunza Landslide (3.46MB)

Report of Geological Survey of Pakistan in Pre-Disaster Period of Hunza Attabad Landslide (6.52MB)

Planning Books & Publications

Provincial Disaster Planning Guidelines (1.02MB)

District Planning Guidelines (283KB)

Provincial Disaster Risk Management Plan for Balochistan - Draft (3.33MB)

Contingency Plans


National Monsoon Contingency Plan

National Monsoon Contingency Plan

Provincial/Regional Monsoon Contingency Plans


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



The State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K)

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)


Islamabad Capital Territory


National Contingency Plan to Manage Industrial / Technical Disasters (1.32MB)

Monsoon Contingency Plan 2008 (1.19MB)

Supplementary Monsoon Contingency Plan 2009 (591KB)

Winter Contingency Plan 2007-08 (1.19MB)

Cyclone Contingency Plan for Karachi City 2008 (3.41MB)

Hyderabad Flood Emergency / Rain Relief Plan - 2009 (2.13MB)

Flood Contingency Plan of District Jhelum (683KB)

Training Manuals

Disaster Reporting (3.43MB)

Cyclone Mitigation - Urdu (19.2MB)

Flood Mitigation Part I - Urdu (19.6MB)

Flood Mitigation Part II - Urdu (21.2MB)

Policy Dialogues held on "Effectiveness of Disaster Risk Management: Engaging Parliamentarians" (957KB)

Study Visit held for PDMA-Balochistan at Quetta (3.62MB)

Publications under One UN DRM Programme

Provincial DRM Plans

District DRM Plans

DRR Mainstreaming

DRM Training Manuals

NIDM Publications

Publications under Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER)

PEER - Country Report (Pakistan) from Dec-2007 to Mar-2009 (325KB)


Hospital Operational Preparedness for Emergency - HOPE (223KB)

Collapsed Structure Search & Rescue - CSSR (193KB)

Medical First Responder - MFR (245KB)

.Ocean Acidification Summary for Policymakers 2009. Click Here To View

. Invenotry of Glaciers, Glacial Lakes and Identification of Potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) Affected by Global Warming in the Mountain of Himalayan Region (Pakistan) - by ICMOD Click Here To View

. Disaster risk reduction - Selected Publications 1985 - 2008 Click Here To View

. Reducing the Risk of Disasters - A DIFD Policy Paper Click Here To View

. Assessment of Disaster Response Capacity in Pakistan - An OCHA Study Paper Click Here To View

. An Overview of the Disaster Situation in Pakistan - A Study Paper by Noreen Haider Click Here To View

Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters Click Here To View

. Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping Workshop Report- National Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with Pakistan Meteorological Department January 09 -10, 2007 COMSATS - Islamabad Click Here To View

. Terminology of Disaster Risk Reduction Click Here To View

. A Review of the Role of Education and Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction Click Here To View

. Words Into Action: Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action Click Here To View

. Tools for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction: Guidance Notes for Development Organisations Click Here To View

. Global Survey of Early Warning Systems: An assessment of capacities, gaps and opportunities towards building a comprehensive global early warning system for all natural hazards Click Here To View

. 2006 - Disasters in Numbers Click Here To View

. DISASTER MITIGATION & VULNERABILITY ATLAS OF INDIA: A Paradigm shift from Post-disaster reconstruction & relief to Pre-disaster Pro-active approach.

. Human Resources for Health in the Public Sector (the overall situation) in Pakistan Click Here To View

. GUIDELINES for Preparation of Provincial Disaster Risk Management Plans Click Here To View

. National Workshop on Provincial Disaster Risk Management Planning May 28 - 29, 2007 Margalla Hotel, Islamabad Notes from the workshop Click Here To View

. WHO Guidelines for Emergencies Click Here To View

. IFRC Code of conduct For NGOs in Disaster Relief.

. Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (SPHERE Guidelines). Click Here To View

. Oslo Guidelines on the use of Military and Civil Defence in natural, technological and environmental and complex emergencies.

. UNDAC Handbook.

. TOR Composite Risk Assemssment of Pakistan. Click Here To View

. Bio Terrorism Guide- INTERPOL Click Here To View