• Question: What NDMA stands for?

    Answer: NDMA stands for National Disaster Management Authority.

  • Question: What is NDMA?

    Answer: NDMA is the lead agency at Federal level for dealing with the entire spectrum of disasters and their management.

  • Question: What is the Aim of NDMA?

    Answer: Aim of NDMA is to deal with all disasters, natural or manmade, in multifarious manner ranging from preparation to rehabilitation.

  • Question: What is the prime role of NDMA?

    Answer: Prime role of NDMA is to mobilize all organs of the state (national and provincial) at right time and place to mitigate the impact of disasters.

  • Question: What is a Disaster?

    Answer: The term “disaster” means “Bad Star” in Latin. It is impact of a natural or man-made hazard that causes human sufferings or creates human needs that the victims cannot alleviate or cater for without assistance.

  • Question: What is a Calamity?

    Answer: The word “Calamity” refers to a disaster or misfortune, especially one that causes serious damage, such as a flood or an earthquake.

  • Question: What is a hazard?

    Answer: A hazard is a situation which poses a threat to life, health, environment, other living beings or property.

  • Question: What all are included in Disasters?

    Answer: Whole range of calamities or complex large scale emergencies are called Disasters. These include Earthquakes, Floods, Cyclones, Drought, Flash Floods, Avalanches, Heat Waves, Landslides, Tsunamis, Wild Fires, Storms, Disease Epidemics, Insect or Animal Plagues, Industrial Accidents of Mass Scale and Famine etc.

  • Question: What are the main activities of NDMA during disasters?

    Answer: NDMA takes immediate notice of a disaster when it strikes. It analyzes the nature and extent of damages caused by the disaster towards mobilizing rescue and relief efforts. It extends all possible assistance to all Disaster Management Authorities (DMA) which include Provincial and State Disaster Management Authorities to include, FATA – DMA (FDMA) and Gilgit Baltistan – DMA (GBDMA).
    National Emergency Operation Centre of NDMA becomes active to monitor the situation 24/7.

  • Question: How to contact NDMA in case of an emergency?

    Answer:  In case of any emergency or to register complain, during disasters you can contact via telephone on:

    NDMA UAN: 111-157-157 and 051-9205037 or other numbers of responsible office holders as on our contacts page.

    You can also reach us via emails given on our contacts page. To send queries or comments regarding website you can send an email to webadmin@ndma.gov.pk

    You may also contact us via social media by pressing the social media icons on our webpage.

  • Question: How to contact Provincial Disaster Management Authorities in case of an emergency?

    Answer: You can reach PDMAs by calling following numbers or by visiting their websites.

    Provincial Emergency Operational Contact No.

    • PDMA Punjab: 042-99203162,64
    • PDMA KP: 091-9213845
    • FDMA: 091-9216864 and 091-9218351
    • SDMA AJ&K: 05822-921643
    • GBDMA: 05811-920874.
  • Question: What NDMC stands for?

    Answer: NDMC stands for ‘National Disaster Management Commission’. It is the apex decision making body on Disaster Management in Pakistan. It is headed by Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  • Question: Do NDMA has a Training Institution?

    Answer: Yes, National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) is the training institute of NDMA.

  • Question: What NIDM stands for?

    Answer: NIDM stands for ‘National Institute of Disaster Management’.

  • Question: How to get help when struck by a disaster?

    Answer: You can get immediate help by dialing 1122 or your local emergency services number for early response by the local resources.

    In case of disasters involving national level efforts you can contact NDMA by dialing
    UAN: 051-111-157-157
    Telephone: +92 51 9205037
    or by reaching us through our contacts page via email or phone or social media.

  • Question: How can NDMA help me?

    Answer: NDMA helps in many ways during disasters. it mobilizes national response to rescue, provide relief, rehabilitation and more. During peacetime or no disasters it remains engaged in Building National Resilience towards Disasters by engaging in forecasting (where possible), planning like National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP), capacity building of individuals and communities, coordinating with humanitarian agencies and bringing up Humanitarian Response Facilities. These efforts are collectively called Disasters Risk Reduction, as applied to preparation and Disaster Management as applied to the entirety.

  • Question: Who is responsible for cleaning sewerage in my city?

    Answer: Municipal Corporation, Local Municipality or Metropolitan Municipal Agencies like Water and Sanitation Agencies in your local area is responsible for cleaning of sewerage in their assigned areas.

  • Question: Can Earthquake be predicted?

    Answer: No, at present there is no for sure or scientifically tested mechanism in place to predict the exact time and place of occurrence of an earthquake.

  • Question: I have a technical question about Earthquakes?

    Answer: All technical queries can be referred to the concerned technical or specialized department or agency like Pakistan Meteorological Department or Geological Survey of Pakistan.

  • Question: How can I get more information about NDMA?

    Answer : You can acquire more information from NDMA’s website or sending us a query via email or phone or social media or by looking at our contacts page.

  • Question: How can I get data on a particular Disaster?

    Answer : Any type of data related to a particular disaster affecting Pakistan is available on NDMA’s website or by reaching us via email or phone or social media or visiting us in person.

  • Question: How can I contact NDMA?

    Answer : NDMA can be contacted at UAN: 051-111-157-157 and Tel: +92 51 9205037 or via our contact us page.

  • Question: How can I suggest NDMA?

    Answer: You can forward all your suggestions to NDMA through multiple means like email to the concerned office or calling us via phone or email or social media. Important Telephone Number are available on our Contacts Page.

  • Question: How can I help NDMA during Disasters?

    Answer: By registering yourself as a volunteer or by calling us for more details or sending an email.

    You can donate in kind or monetarily. Details of our local and foreign currency accounts is at Donations.

  • Question: Who is responsible for flood management in Pakistan?

    Answer: Federal Flood Commission and Irrigation Departments of respective provinces are responsible for devising strategies and adopting measures to minimize the losses in case of floods.

  • Question: Who measures earthquake in Pakistan?

    Answer: Pakistan Meteorological Department.

  • Question: What is PMD?

    Answer : PMD stands for Pakistan Meteorological Department.

  • Question: Who undertakes Geological Survey in Pakistan?

    Answer: Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) is responsible for surveying Pakistan’s Geology.

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